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What Clients Say

Eldad Moraru, Your Personal Realtor


To truly understand a real estate agent’s reputation, you need to talk to clients. Eldad Moraru has impressed his client partners for almost two decades. And as a result of their satisfying and successful experiences, many have become personal friends.


“Eldad worked a real estate miracle for us.”


Eldad worked a real estate miracle for us in the toughest market imaginable, managing to spot a pre-market property that exceeded our expectations, get us into see it on a moment’s notice (and before other agents could descend), and close the deal in a matter of days. It is truly a dream house, the kind of place we thought was out of reach as the market got more frenzied and irrational.

Eldad was a steady and indefatigably patient guide throughout our search — and a keen negotiator when it came to navigating offers and counter offers. We could not have asked for a better agent or recommend him more highly.

Tory Newmyer


“Eldad will work hard for you and as an added bonus you will have a new, wonderful friend.”


When we began our mission to sell and buy, we were not confident that we could sell our home at a sufficient profit to generate the down payment we hoped, or that we would find our dream house at our price point. So, when we contacted Eldad we told him that we might just be a waste of his time. Eldad would not hear it! He was so patient and took great care to review the range of options with us. He was never too busy and in fact was amazingly responsive. Moreover, he was never pushy. We always felt like he had our best interests in mind and consistently gave us advice and options we would have never thought of without him. 

He did a fantastic job marketing our house and it sold in just a few days, yielding us the down payment we hoped for. Moreover, his sound advice enabled us to lock in a buyer, while allowing us 60 days to find our dream home. Had we not found it, we would have the option of backing out of the sale. But as it turned out, that was not necessary. When we found our dream home, Eldad worked hard to get it for us, notwithstanding that we were among five or six making offers. Throughout the entire process, Eldad was tremendously patient, genuinely dedicated to our best interests, provided unbelievably sound advice, and was amazingly responsive. If you have the opportunity to work with Eldad, do not pass it up! 

Michael Delette and David Rubenstein


“Eldad has an incredible understanding of every neighborhood in Washington.”


He will fight tooth and nail to ensure you get your dream home in this competitive market. Most importantly though, he is someone who truly cares about his clients and will go the extra mile every step of the way.

My partner and I were living in North Carolina while we were trying to purchase a new home in Washington DC. This added an extra challenge to a situation where houses sell within hours of them going on the market. To remedy the fact that we were living far away from the city, Eldad worked with us to group dozens of showings into the two to three days each week when we were able to drive up. During those days, he spent hours not only showing us houses, but taking us into countless different neighborhood restaurants and shops so we could truly experience the flavor of each part of the city.

Those experiences were exactly what helped us decide where we wanted to live. Even when we weren’t able to be in the city in person, he would FaceTime us on our phones so we could see the house virtually–something that saved us hours of driving on many occasions. Even though Eldad’s work as our realtor is done, he still is willing to be an incredible resource for us. Given that we’re new to the city, we don’t know who the best locksmiths, house cleaners, and architects are, but Eldad certainly does. He has continued to be our lifeline to many of the new services we have needed to get started in our new home.

We were so fortunate to have had Eldad on our side as an agent who we now consider a friend. We couldn’t have found our new home without him.

– Derek Dufresne


“Eldad’s honesty and integrity are beyond reproach.”


We’ve worked with Eldad multiple times, on two purchases and one sale. His guidance and advice has played out to be correct time and time again. His network of referrals gets whatever task (pre-approval letter, contractor for quick repair…) done quickly, and his name carries weight with folks, which again speaks to his character.

Messages are returned immediately and tasks are done when he says they will be done. In an otherwise overwhelming process, he does everything he can to make it easy.

Our house was under contract 4 days after listing and above asking price. He also made himself available for a showing with very little notice when we found a house we loved, then helped us put together a competitive and successful offer in a multiple offer environment – can’t ask for much more than that!

– Peter B. Webb


“Eldad was fantastic from start to finish as our buyer’s agent.”


He helped us narrow down our search, had excellent knowledge of the housing market and what to look for (and avoid), and then gave us frank, honest advice about each house we viewed. His experience showed through in the negotiation and closing process—which went without a hitch. We thoroughly recommend him.

– Robert Gregory


“Eldad’s expertise was invaluable as we navigated the competitive DC market.”


Eldad was incredibly helpful and patient throughout our first home buying experience. His local knowledge is unparalleled, and he was incredibly responsive to our non-stop questions for months on end. His guidance and negotiation skills in a 10-offer sale process led to our winning contract, and he led us through closing without a hitch. Highly recommend working with Eldad!

– Jake D.


“Eldad was amazing!”


This was our first time selling a home and the timing was critical as we also needed to time it just right with the purchase of our new home. Eldad walked us through the entire process and put our minds at ease that it could be done. He carefully laid out a strategy for everything to sell and settle on time and then he executed the strategy to perfection. Terrific experience and I highly recommend him and his team at Compass!

– H. Gudelsky


“Eldad was with us every step of the way.”


When we began our search for our new home, we had some very specific criteria. Eldad listened carefully, understood what we were looking for and amazingly provided us with a number of selections right on point. He answered endless questions and guided us through the thickets of buying a new home and selling our old one. He is incredibly personable and goes to great lengths to make his clients happy.

– Amy and Joshua Berman


“Eldad is simply The BEST.”


He provided absolutely everything that we could have wanted from the beginning to the end.  He advised us when it was the right time to go to market, gave clear and unambiguous instructions about what to do to stage our house beautifully, created stunning marketing materials, answered every question we had, mastered a complex and fast schedule of showings, made excellent decisions about how best to market the house, helped us remain calm (an uncommon and invaluable characteristic) and kept us up to date, communicated clearly, guided us efficiently through the evaluation of a large number of offers, and made the closing process easy and painless.  Like I said, he did everything well.  This is the second time we’ve sold properties with Eldad’s expert advice, and the second time that we have been more than impressed.

– Brooke Rogers


“Eldad’s patient and helpful attitude is exceeded only by his professionalism.”


We were referred to Eldad by our lender who has worked with an overwhelming number of realtors; in my opinion, that alone speaks volumes about his abilities and reputation. Having worked with Eldad on four separate transactions now, we can say that he is extraordinarily knowledgeable, capable, responsive, and, above all, helpful. We purchased our home with a contingency built-in for the sale of our current home. Eldad helped us navigate that and helped keep track of everything when our eventual buyer needed to use special financing that delayed the process. He worked with the selling agent of our new home to make sure everything went smoothly. He helped us negotiate on everything from the sale of our home and the purchase of the new home down to the amounts in our pre-settlement occupancy agreement and home inspection credit. Overall, the process took several months because of our buyer’s financing, but Eldad checked in with us almost daily, even when nothing was going on, to let us know where things stood and to check if we had any new questions or concerns. I plan on recommending Eldad to everyone I know who is interested in buying or selling a home. Not only can you not go wrong by using Eldad Moraru as your agent, you would be making a mistake by not using him.

– Kelly and Nick Zemil


“Eldad is reliable, timely, resourceful, and creative.”


He is our trusted Realtor. We have worked with him on five different occasions, and every time, his support has been spot on. He can be counted on to be on your side all the way through. He is reliable, timely, resourceful, and creative. It also helps that he is well connected to other accomplished and high quality partners in the house purchasing process such as home inspectors, closing agents, lenders, etc. which helps make the home buying/selling process a lot smoother. We love working with Eldad and highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling.

– Sudha and Eddie Kamonjoh


“Eldad is the consummate professional.”


My wife and I were referred to Eldad by our loan officer nearly ten years ago. During the past decade, Eldad has helped my wife and I successfully navigate five real estate deals, which includes three home purchases and two home sales.

Eldad is excellent at building client relationships, both during the home buying experience and more importantly during his post settlement touch points. Eldad is the consummate professional, a shrewd negotiator, and a loving family man. Whether he is artfully balancing the competing demands of his clients, the unruly trends of the real estate market, or inviting you to a client appreciation event to pick pumpkins, Eldad will deliver results.

If you need a local professional for your real estate needs in the DC Metropolitan area you should consider Eldad Moraru as Your Personal Realtor.

– Jeff Novotny


“We appreciated Eldad’s attention to detail.”


Eldad has represented us five times now, in both purchasing and selling.  He has a thorough knowledge of his market and the buying/selling process.  We appreciated his accessibility throughout the process and attention to detail.

– Jen and Ken Possenriede


“Eldad is savvy, cheerful, trustworthy, hardworking, patient, and of the highest integrity.”


Eldad is everything I could’ve wanted in an agent: savvy, cheerful, trustworthy, hardworking, patient, and of the highest integrity.  He was never pushy and always easygoing.  Most important, he is a good, genuinely caring person.  Due to his diligence, he found me a beautiful house that I will be blessed to call my home.  I would *highly* recommend him to anyone entering the housing market.

– SM


“Eldad took care of everything.”


Eldad listed an estate sale home for us, took care of everything required to prepare the house for sale, and provided a trouble-free experience.  Everything went smoothly, the house sold right away, he’s very easy to work with,  and I am happy to recommend him highly.

– Adam Stoll


“We would work with him again in a heartbeat.”


Eldad was fantastic at helping us understand the process of selling our home and was with us every step of the way, from listing to helping us move out.

– Hannah and Stuart Hudson


“Eldad is a serious, highly professional realtor.”


Eldad’s knowledge of Washington DC real estate and the various micro economies are extremely helpful to DC newcomers or people looking in new neighborhoods. He respects his clients’ time and helps the buyer get the deal done efficiently. He is an excellent fit for serious buyers/sellers. He pulls no punches, and his advice is worth every penny. I have no doubt that working with him saved us both time and money.

– Kim and Ryan Lepine


“Eldad allowed us to form our own opinions.”


Eldad was a pleasure to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the process and I think there were times he responded before I could even hit send! He was always willing to make us a priority and see as many houses as he could with us.

I appreciated that he really allowed us to form our own opinions about each house we saw and never pressured us.

– Lisa and Chris


“Eldad is very patient.”


We had a great experience with Eldad and would recommend him to anyone.  He was always responsive to our requests to view a property or for more information.  Eldad was also very patient as we viewed quite a few properties and took 6+ months to buy one; he never pressured us to put an offer or “hurry up.” 



“We cannot recommend Eldad highly enough.”


Eldad helped us move here from out of state. We new very little of the area. We provided Eldad a list of our priorities and he showed us communities in VA, DC and MD that all matched our preferences.  We purchased one of the houses he showed and have been extremely happy with the choice.


“With great patience and enthusiasm, Eldad helped us find our perfect first home.”


Eldad helped us purchase our first home. The market was very hot at the time, and we had never been through the process before. Eldad was very knowledgeable about the process, as well as the region, and with great patience and enthusiasm helped us find our perfect first home. I always highly recommend Eldad to anyone in the MD, DC or VA region looking to buy or sell their home.

– Stacey


“Eldad saw things through with a professionalism and promptness that was impressive.”


Eldad is excellent at what he does. My ex and I were far from ideal clients because we had lots of irons in the fire, and lots of competing priorities. This meant that unlike most sellers, there were times when our focus was drawn to other pressing matters. Given the fact that our house needed a lot of work to get ready for sale, we had a tight budget, and other factors that could have led to an unproductive and inefficient process. Eldad handled everything as if it were his house, taking care to help us select excellent contractors, handling a few issues related to tenants, and stayed on top of every detail, communicating immediately and clearly. My guess is that there are lots of realtors who would have given their attention to bigger fish or let the process flounder. Not Eldad. He saw things through with a professionalism and promptness that was impressive, his actions always making me feel that selling my house was his top priority and his manner always courteous, sensitive, and polite. He was able to answer almost any question I had, and on the rare occasion he did not have an answer, he would track it down and get back to me at once. I would recommend him without hesitation.

– Louis Smith


“Eldad is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and reliable.”


I was extremely pleased with Eldad throughout both the home buying, as well as selling process. Eldad is the perfect example of what a Real Estate Agent should be. He effectively communicates, understands and is up to speed on current market conditions, and exudes professionalism. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and reliable. I have and continue to recommend him to others, and would also hire him myself again.

– SL


“Eldad was quick to respond to our questions.”


We were out of towners coming in over the weekends to see houses. Eldad made our trips extremely productive and efficient. He was quick to respond to our questions regarding the process and was open to accommodating last minute changes in plans or schedules.

– Neha and Shriram


“Eldad made our home search quick and painless, even from afar.”


Eldad was willing to do everything possible to make our home search quick and painless, even from afar. We went from viewing the home online via a FaceTime tour on Thursday to making an offer on Saturday—all sight unseen!

– Katie and Marc Bromley


“Eldad worked with us to establish a realistic budget and took note of our preferences.”


Eldad did a fantastic job helping my husband and I purchase our first home. During our first meeting with him, he worked with us to establish a realistic budget and took note of our preferences. At no point during the homebuying process were we pressured to exceed our budget. He also walked us through the negotiation with the sellers and helped us place a successful bid below asking price. Eldad was also proactive in coordinating with the lender, inspector, title company, and attorney, which made the homebuying process seamless on our end. He was also extremely responsive, answering our calls or texts within minutes. This was extremely helpful during our closing as there were a few last-minute complications on the seller’s end. At no point were we stressed because Eldad was on top of the situation, providing us with consistent updates. We would highly recommend him to our friends and family, particularly first time homebuyers!

– Domenic Fiorentino


“Five stars for sure.”


Eldad did a great job for us.  We were not the easiest clients, as we had moved out of the area before repairs and painting could be done to the house. Eldad found us a contractor, managed that relationship and found us a stager. The process could not have been easier for us. Five stars for sure.

– Joy Olson


“We couldn’t have had a smoother buying experience with Eldad at the wheel!”


Eldad is a truly fantastic agent to work with. He’s sharp as a tack on contract matters, and extremely knowledgeable and handy on all other aspects of the home buying process. He’s in-fact so well rounded, that he’ll plunge a clogged toilet during a pre-settlement walk through and don a sharp suit at closing. Hard to believe it’s the same guy!

Our experience with the seller’s agent pales in comparison – she was disengaged, tardy and practically absent; the exact polar opposite of Eldad. The seller’s client had to reach out to Eldad to get stuff moving along and quickly became a fan too! We’re so glad we had Eldad on our court guiding us through the process.

We couldn’t have had a smoother buying experience with Eldad at the wheel! Thank you, Eldad! We look forward to working with you again and strongly recommending you to our friends and others out there looking for a high quality, knowledgeable and diligent agent!

– Edward K.

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